The aviation industry, manufacturers (OEM) and airlines, has been one of the worst hit by the global pandemic. It will have to change radically to adjust to the "new normal". Air carriers around the world are facing extreme financial pressures and are cutting capacity at unparalleled rates in the absence of meaningful passenger demand. Some airlines have shut down completely, a portion of these may never return. 


The "new normal" for the aerospace industry will mean less spending by airlines on both new aircraft and the aftermarket – but it will also mean a re-balancing of the aviation fleet, with some platforms losing out more than others with a huge number of aircraft available for recycling.  Further, after years of globalisation, Covid-19 is also true shock for the aerospace supply chain, which will offer major structural risks but also opportunities.


With almost 4,000 PE firms worldwide and nearly a trillion dollars of dry powder on the sidelines, competition for targets is fierce and deals are more complex than ever. Smart decision-making is critical at every stage of the investment life cycle. From performing due diligence to improving portfolio-company performance to maximizing exit value, we collaborate with and enhance management teams. 


Contrary to popular belief, countries don’t need to choose between fostering economic growth and improving the lives of their citizens. They can, in fact, do both. Nations that innovate excel at job creation, entrepreneurship, talent, and ecosystems. But unleashing innovation requires significant investment and streamlined bureaucracy.  This requires pulling a variety of levers in a carefully orchestrated way.


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